R. 331 COVID Protocols

PROTOCOL 1     A HEPA filter will be running in the classroom during class hours.
PROTOCOL 2     Toronto Public Health and the TDSB require an accurate seating plan that is strictly followed to allow for contact tracing if needed.  Arrive for the 1st in-person session, select a seat you like, and only sit in that location as the seating plan will be recorded for Toronto Public Health.
PROTOCOL 3     Classroom windows will be open as much as possible for maximum airflow. Pack a warm layer for the classroom.
PROTOCOL 4     Masks must be worn at all times indoors (classroom specifically).  Wearing a mask is part of a strategy to reduce viral transmission in our school community. Wearing a mask should be used in addition to other proven strategies including frequent washing of the hands, physical distancing as much as possible, avoiding touching the face, and vaccination.  Masks can be removed to eat and drink.  There are built-in breaks during the 2.5 hour in-person sessions. Let's do our best to keep everyone healthy here at school and at home.
PROTOCOL 5     Washroom breaks while in class must be coordinated and documented. Toronto Public Health and the TDSB require a sign-out / sign-in record each day for contact tracing purposes. You will need to record the sign-out time, sign-in time, and washroom location used each time you leave to use the washroom.
ADDITIONAL PROTOCOLS     More may be added as we adapt and prefect our systems.