Khadr Case Edits

The Omar Khadr Case: Redefining War Crimes = Article 1
Canada (Prime Minister) v. Khadr, 2010 SCC 3 = Article 2
Omar Khadr fact check paints clearer picture of the case = Article 3
Documentary A Guantanamo's Child
Documentary B The U.S. vs. Omar Khadr
DOCUMENTARY A  Gantanamo's Child (Theatrical Version 1:20:06 minutes)
DOCUMENTARY B  The U.S. vs. Omar Khadr (42:43 minutes)
BONUS MATERIAL 2 Lecture by Omar Khadr's Lawyer Dennis Edney (details of trials and tortured evidence)

Offer 10 Historically and/or Legally Significant Edits to the Article Below.

Each of Your 10 Edits is Worth 4 Marks
0.5 Mark     Identify the Word or Words in Need of Editing (number & underline each edit on your copy of the textbook entry).
0.5 Mark     Correct the Edit by Striking or Adding a Word or Words (done in your separate digital document).
 2 Marks     Explain the Need for the Edit Based on the Specific Details in the Provided Sources.  Why is the edit Historically and/or Legally Significant? Why is the change necessary? / What does the edit reveal? / What overlooked narrative does the edit address? (done in your separate digital document).
 1 Mark     Cite the Source(s) of the Information Used to Correct the Edit (done in your separate digital document).

CITATION REQUIREMENTS (Label/Cite the Sources using the Abbreviations Below)
A maximum of 4 edits can be based on the same source.
Each of the 5 sources must be used at least once in your edits.

Article 1 = A1
Article 2 = A2
Article 3 = A3
Documentary A = DOC A
Documentary B = DOC B
Optional Additional Sources = Full MLA Citation
Bonus Material 1 = B1
Bonus Material 2 = B2
Khadr Case Brief HANDOUT