International Law Test

The test material is based on Unit 2 webpage content and in-class discussions and work.

IL Test

PART A – Multiple Choice (T)     15 MARKS

Clearly select the BEST answer for each of the following multiple-choice questions.  You MUST clearly circle your answer.


1.  John Rawls' theory of justice sets out an argument for
     (a)  R2P.
     (b)  global justice as fairness.
     (c)  universal human rights.
     (d)  all of the above.

2.  The UN Charter permits self-defence as a justified use of force if it is in response to
     (a) an armed attack by a non-state paramilitary group.
     (b) border skirmishes (an episode of irregular or unpremeditated fighting).
     (c) an annexation (takeover) of one state by another.
     (d) a threat by another state to use weapons of mass destruction.


PART B – True or False (K/U)     10 MARKS

Clearly indicate whether the statement is true or false by circling the corresponding letter.



1.  An international straight runs against a state’s claim to internal waters.                            T or F

PART C – Matching (APP)     15 MARKS

Match the best concept in Column A with the best description in Column B.  Choose only one term for each description.



Column A                                                                     Column B


1.   Pinochet                                ____ universal jurisdiction to prosecute for grave human rights abuses trumps former head-of-state immunity.