11 Law Independent Learning TASKS


1.  COMPLETE (if not already done) the "Jacob Scenario & TASKS" assigned last PM virtual class (located under the "PM Class Materials" Topic of the Google Classroom <https://classroom.google.com/c/MjU5MTc5MDYzMDE4/m/MjcxMTk5NTgxNDE2/details>).
2.  REVIEW the R. v. Jacob Legal Opinion TASKS on the project page <https://www.socialglobalstudies.com/r-v-jacob-legal-opinion>.  Read the R. v. Jacob decision.  Click on the top link titled "FULL CASE" for the text of the full decision located on the project page <https://www.socialglobalstudies.com/r-v-jacob-legal-opinion>.  For the project you will need to choose the theory of crime (i.e., rational choice, socio-economic, individual psychology, critical race theory) best suited to judging Jacob's actions.  It helps to have a theory in mind as you read the full decision as you can note details from it that supports the theory you have chosen.  It is on the long side, but a compelling read none-the-less.  I have actually never read a decision quite like this one.  Do your best to cover as much of it as you can (there will be more course time set aside to work on this project).
3.  RESEARCH ONLINE the Grabher case (20 to 30 minutes of your time).  Make notes on:    1. Key Facts     2. Legal Issues (what legal questions or conflicts arise in the case?)      3. Key Argument of each side of the case.