12 Economics Independent Learning Tasks CHECKLIST

1.  GAME 2 "Can We Trust Each Other?" Generate a pricing strategy (High or Low)  for your company (Apple or Samsung) for the first IN-PERSON class.  Students will test their strategy against a competitor.

2.  Work on EVALUATION 1 "Public Schools & the Free Market" to SUBMIT Wednesday 30 September 2020.

3.  Review your notes on the audio documentary "It's the Economists, Stupid" in order to generate a BOTTOM LINE lesson.  Think about the big ideas documentary guests Dr. Denniss and Dr. Nelson lay down about economists, economic modelling, economics as a discipline, and the resulting impacts.

1.  Students received 3 handouts a) a single page titled "8 Core Economic Thinkers" b) reading about 1 of the 8 core thinkers by name and, c) a handout titled "Setting Economic Goals" (all of these are also available digitally on the Unit 2 webpage).

a) Follow the instructions from handout a) titled "8 Core Economic Thinkers". This includes answering the question related to your thinker on the same handout under "Self-Reflect".

b) Read handout c) titled "Setting Economic Goals" and select the top 3 economic goals (from the 10 provided in the reading) your thinker would prioritize given their ideas/contributions to economic thought. This includes justifying your selection using detail from the reading about your thinker.

c) Finally, at the back of your reading about your thinker (b) handout), there is a page about hypothesis testing. Match/connect 1 of the 3 proposed hypotheses to your thinker and explain your choice (i.e., which of the 3 hypotheses best describes your thinkers approach to economic thought).

Please have this work finished for the next in-person class (Wednesday / Thursday 07 / 08 October 2020) as we will be working directly with your answers to tasks 2, 3, and 4.

2.  Research, write, prepare for your MAtRiX seminar question & discussion.  See the project page for details.

1.  Answer the 5 PPF Questions and check your understanding against the posted solutions under Unit 3 (see link to questions and answers BELOW).